Our Products

Galvanized Steel Sheets
Electro-galvanized Steel Sheets
Cold Rolled Steel Sheets
Hot Rolled Steel Sheets
Perforated Steel Sheets
Etched Steel Sheets
Warehouses Corrugated Zinc Steel
Galvanized Zinc Steel
AB4 Zinc Steel
Bridges in all kinds
Tubes in all sizes
Prepainted Steel Sheets
Products: Galvanized Steel Sheets, Oiled Steel Sheets and More

About Us

Hussco Steel Structures Company Limited was founded in the year of 2007 and it is one of the leading steel companies in the Republic of Yemen. The company uses the latest technologies to produce a wide range of steel products at a high quality and according to the international standards.

Company Objectives:

Hussco Steel Structures Company Limited develops and supports visions and strategic plans in all its divisions and keeps supporting sustainable development operations through the positive initiative. The company works to achieve the following:

  • Continuous expansion and development of the local and international markets whilst continuing to be pioneers in the local Yemeni market.
  • Keeping on the highest standards of quality.
  • Committing to develop new products using the latest technologies and supporting the information technology environment among all company’s divisions.
  • Achieving a long-term high economical rank.
  • Continuing of training and developing skills of the employees.
  • Sharing knowledge and experience and building strong relations with our customers.

Our Vision:

Keeping abreast of developments in the industrial, technical and technologies age in order to provide the best services for individuals and the community and providing all the needs at high quality whilst committing to credibility, honesty and accuracy in all our business dealings.